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Under 16's KYL vs Aylesford FC

Match Date: 18 September 2016
Score: 1-3

Bearsted travelled to Cobdown for their first game of the season to face tough opponents Aylesford FC who had already played 2 games.

The game kicked off and Bearsted held the game together controlling the play and keeping possession well. Their confidence and attitude already looked so much better than last season. Bearsted lost one of their key centre midfielders during the warm up and so a last minute change around had to be carried out. Aylesford are a tough team and was always going to give Bearsted a good game, they pressed well and the defense stayed tight until a questionable hand ball created a chance and Aylesford never hesitated and took the lead 0-1.

This changed the game slightly and took the wind out of the Bearsted sails, the game was edging more for Aylesford as the boys needed a short while to compose themselves but they seemed to soak up the pressure and get back into the game creating a few chances. Aylesford then had a second questionable handball decision that again lead to a second goal just before half time.

Half time came and the score line was 0-2 to Aylesford …

The second half kicked off and Aylesford pressed hard and eventually got a third goal to give them a 3-0 lead, however Bearsted made some changes and set up to press forward as they had nothing to lose, this paid off as the ball switched to Jake Bates out on the left he saw the keeper on the edge of his box and smashed a great shot into the roof of the net from outside the box to make it 1-3 Bearsted.

Bearsted seemed to take back some control of the game and pushed harder with chances being created but just couldn’t take advantage, the second half was a far better display from Bearsted and a great improvement on last year.

The game finished Aylesford 3-1 Bearsted.

Thank you to Aylesford for their hospitality.

Man of the Match; Charlie Revel

Well done boys, a fair result and a learning curve moving forward