Match Photo's

Under 16's KYL vs Hollands & Blair

Match Date: 23 October 2016
Score: 0-4

Bearsted travelled to Gillingham to face Hollands and Blair…

The game was again totally dominated by BFC for the first 20 mins but they just didn’t take their chances. Then a soft goal was conceded and before you know it Bearsted were 3-0 down in a space of five minutes with a lack of concentration and disbelief that they found themselves behind after playing so well.

The second half Bearsted played some great football and pressing well and creating the better chances but once again H&B slotted a fourth in at the end to make it 0-4.

The score line doesn’t warrant the game and the good football that BFC created but they need to convert their chances.

Man of the Match: Jack Ward

I’m so gutted for the boys; I know their hard work will soon pay off.