Match Photo's

Under 18's KYL vs VCD Athletic

Match Date: 10 September 2017
Score: 1-3

We once again came up against a strong VCD team with 7 second year players who were looking for the ball over the top for there quick strikers . Having gone a goal down it was a corner met by Oliver Lake at the back post that brought the score level at 1-1
Oliver rose like a tin of John West salmon to fire us level and set up our come back. We were VCDs equals all over the pitch until ten minutes to go when a corner came in and their powerful attackers were too much for our defence and we went down 2-1. With a few minutes to go their constant long ball looking for the strikers finally came off with our back four , having caught them offside roughly 15/20 times , coming unstuck. A really good effort and the scoreline doesn't really tell the overall story.

Man of the match: Ellis Chidley