Match Photo's

Under 16's KYL vs Hollands & Blair

Match Date: 12 November 2017
Score: 0-2

Bearsted FC travelled to Brompton Academy to face Hollands & Blair.

The game was the first in real winter conditions with howling wind and bitter cold. BFC kicked off and just couldn't get the flow today, they pressed with the wind and the best chance came when Callum Rollings hit the cross bar from outside the box and the ball fell to the striker who failed to put it away.  Then unfortunately after giving the ball away H&B broke and scored just before half time making it 0-1. 

The second half kicked off and BFC seemed to up their game slightly but just didn't show the great football they've been playing lately. Eventually after a quick throw BFC weren't organised and the ball fell to the back post for an unmarked player to smash the ball home to make it 0-2 H&B. The game finished a disappointing 0-2. 

Man of the Match: Jamie Martin....