Match Photo's

Under 14's KYL vs Folkestone Invicta

Match Date: 08 October 2017
Score: 0-3

Having played Folkestone in another cup competition just 2 weeks ago, The Bears knew what they were up against. Going on the previous performances both teams were capable of winning the match but the difference in quality between the 2 sides was Folkestone’s number 9, George who stole the show as he did in the previous fixture. Another hat-trick of goals, one from the penalty spot was the second time he has put 3 past The Bears in successive matches. Apart from this one player the teams were fairly evenly matched, but Folkestone knew how to win. Just give the ball to their Number 9!! Jack H and Charlie did an amazing job containing him for most of the time but he only needed an inch and its back to the centre spot to restart the match. Folkestone’s Number 9 had 3 chances, scored 2 and got a dubious pen from the 3rd. (It looked like a free kick the other way to me!!)  At the other end of the pitch there was a handful of chances, none of them required a save from the keeper. It was a very stop/start game with lots of free kicks which made it a very slow game and not very pleasant viewing for the spectators.