Match Photo's

Under 14's KYL vs Danson sport

Match Date: 29 October 2017
Score: 0-3

This was not the result The Bears wanted for their first home game of the season, but it was one of those games where the result did not reflect the performance. It was a very even competition between the two teams but Danson looked like they had a bit more experience which gave them the edge.The first goal from the visitors was from a corner early on in the first half. A very well headed goal from the tall centre back meant some reorganisation for the home team for the next corners was required which paid off as Danson’s subsequent corners where easily managed by The Bears.The second goal 10 minutes later was a good individual goal by the visitor’s right winger, but by half time The Bears had had their fair share of chances, unfortunately none of them quite ending in goals. The second half started with pressure for the visitors but The Bears defended well and held their own. The game settled down after 10 mins with equal amounts of pressure from both teams. A couple of good saves from both keepers kept the score to 2-0 until the last 5 minutes when the home side conceded a freak long range goal giving Danson a comfortable win. But the Home team performance was nothing to be ashamed of for such a new team. With a bit more experience and confidence there is no reason why The Bears cannot complete for the title in the future.