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First Team vs Croydon FC

Match Date: 15 December 2018
Score: 2-1

By Allan Hefferon

All credit must be given to both sides for providing a well fought game played throughout in atrocious weather conditions and a less than helpful playing surface. However the very first piece of action saw a run on goal by Richard Incgline ending with him sending a fierce shot against the bar, but after just 4 minutes, Bearsted were to go in front, when visiting goalkeeper Adam Ballard, saved consecutive close range shots from Lucian Scarlat and James Bessey-Saldanha before the ball finally fell into the path of Peter Williams to send the ball into the back of the net. The response to this was almost immediate when a Jesse Sentamu shot came down off of the bar to cause enough hesitation to allow James Fotheringham to score from close range. As the half wore on so a pattern of play began to emerge, with the home side having to be mindful of their opponents pace on the break, pitched against the trickery up front of their forwards, notably when Williams found himself clear on goal to send the ball narrowly wide of the post. Special mention though must go to Ballard who on numerous occasions produced the kind of saves to keep the scoreline intact. However on the stroke of half time a run into the box by Jon Rogers ended with him seemingly tripped only for the referee’s whistle to signal the half time break and not the possibility of a penalty.

Following the resumption, so a long ball over the top found Sentamu to send the ball wide of the mark and on several occasions Croydon did not make the most of the chances that came their way. However gradually, as tired legs took their toll, so the hosts began to take more control and seeing the wing raids and crosses setting up great chances and as a combination of some stout defending and great goalkeeping, so a draw looked most likely. That though was not to be the case as with 89 minutes gone, somehow defender Rob Lyall found himself up field to seize onto a through ball taking him into the box and for him to be tripped and for a penalty to be awarded, which in turn allowed Williams to score from the spot and not for the first time to see his side pulling something out of the bag.

Team K. Warner, M.Weller (M.Hathway) A.Foster, R.Lyall, C.Croucher, B.Baranowski .J.Rogers, R.Croucher, J.Bessey-Sadanha(R.Collins) (P.Williams} L.Scarlat.
Subs; J.Hyslop, J.Hurst