Match Photo's

First Team vs Tunbridge Wells

Match Date: 09 February 2019
Score: 2-1

By Allan Hefferon

Early exchanges seemed to suggest that the home side were most likely to make an early breakthrough, when first seeing a Harrison Carnegi effort being blocked on line and then when a corner from the right created a certain amount of difficulty for the visitors. However it was Bearsted who were to take lead after 5 minutes when David Baranowski picked up the ball on the half way line to embark on a 20 yard, goalbound run before sending the ball over to James Bessey-Saldanha out on the right, for him to run into the area to send an angled shot low into the net. Following this strike so Bearsted began to take more control with the wing runs of both Baranowskil and Saldanha setting the pace, during which time seeing them both going close to increasing the lead on several occasions this looked likely. This event though did become a reality after 23 minutes when John Rogers was able to provide the opportunity for Matt Garner to volley the ball high into the top corner of the net and to put his team on track to achieving a comfortable result. However as the half wore on, the hosts were gradually finding their way back into the game and to enjoy more midfield possession. No surprise then that they did find a way back into the game after 38 minutes when a ball from deep somehow eluded the Bears' backline which allowed Carnigi to chase down the ball in a race with advancing goal keeper Scott Andrews, one of which he was to win and able to put the ball into net. With half time now looming so it was Wells now who were now on the offensive and they very nearly did get an equaliser when Jamie Humphris did not make the most of a great chance of an equaliser by sending his effort over the bar from 10 yards.

Following the re-start the game became a closely contested affair on a deteriorating playing surface with both sides choosing to adopt a more direct approach. However that is not to say that there was a lack of goalmouth action and for the home side an example of which being when a Carnegie cross into the box was picked up by Jason Thompson to force a great save by Andrews turning the ball onto the bar only for the rebound to be sent back over and for a glorious opportunity to wasted. The action at the other end was much similar but unlike the first half, the visitors did not produce as many clear chances as before and although they won several corners none of them managed to cause real concern for the home defence and at times they were to be vulnerable to being hit on the break. However as the game entered the final quarter so the accent was on defending the scoreline which turned out to be a successful ploy and although they were to survive some anxious moments, including a penalty appeal, they were able to see the game over the line and take home all the points.

S.Andrews, M.Weller,G.Andrews,R.Lyall,G.Sheminant,J.Rogers(M.Hathway) M.Garner (K.Delipi) R.Croucher, D.Baranowskil C.Scarlat R.Collins (Scarlat)

Subs: P.Williams,C.Croucher.