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First Team vs Sheppey Utd

Match Date: 16 October 2018
Score: 1-8

Ravaged by an extraordinary amount of injuries suffered over a period of an exceptional amount of recent games, so Bearsted were compelled to falling back on their reserve players In order to fulfil this fixture. Interestingly enough for much of the first half the game was a close affair and indeed the visitor’s might well have gone in front when Aye Ombu forced a double save from home keeper Aeron Lee-Wharton whist at the other end seeing Kit Warner was more than doing much of the same. However the first goal came after 29 minutes when Connaor Westney scored from close range. Unfortunately though with half time looming so Sheppey were able to add 2 more goals score, once more by Witney and Hicham Akhazzan at a particular devastating time.

Hopes though were lifted immediately after half time when Kiayo Peek seized the ball on the edge of the area to thrash the ball home into the net. However their hopes were dashed 3 minutes later when the referee chose to disallow another potential goal after the ball was spilt by Lee-Wharton into the net. Following this incident so the home side was to respond and inflict the pressure and unfortunately for the Bear’s they seemed to lose their concentration and concede 3 goals as a result of poor back passes as well as a penalty being awarded against them. However, all in all, during this period this proved to be a good night for Sheppey with Whitney added 2 more to his Talley, as well as Dan Bradshaw and Jon Ralph getting onto the score sheet.

Team K.Warner, A.Anon, J.Hurst, B.Baranowski, M.Smith,M.Holliday C.Carcary,B.Fernandes, Aye Umbo,J.Sellens, H.Collins.

Subs; Kiayo Peek, K Oabuagu, E Chidley, R.Borge, K.Beredugo,