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First Team vs Beckenham Town

Match Date: 28 September 2019
Score: 2-4

By Allan Hefferon

From the Start it was the home side who were more influential whilst the visitors, although managing to cope, were finding it difficult to respond in an effective way, during which time they found themselves having to defend a series of good chances, mostly instigated by wing man Stefan Cok, an example of which when he was to set up Damien Ramsamy to open the scoring after 16 minutes. Following this set back It might be fair to say that Bearsted were at a stage whereby that began to settle and show some attacking potential but unfortunately they were to suffer a further set back when not being able to defend well enough to prevent Harvey Brand putting the ball in from close range after 29 minutes. Just 5 minutes later they were to fall further behind when Ashley Carew got onto the end of a loose ball to make it 3 and setting up the potential of a high scoring win? However this proved not to be the case as the Bear’s response was a positive one and they were to pull a goal back 2 minutes from half time, when a John Rogers run took him into the box to be tripped and for the referee to award a penalty and for the spot kick to be saved by goalkeeper Michael McGentegart and for the rebound to be sent into the net by Emmanuel Olunwasemo.
Following the break came another reply when after three minutes, James.Bessey-Saldanha combined well with Josh Beadle before to ball was sent onto the head of Lucian Scarlat and for the ball to loop high into the net. With the game now very much in the balance, so the visitors were to enjoy a spell of dominance during which time saw several opportunities being created but never quite able to get an equaliser. However as the game wore on so Beckenham gradually were to look the more dangerous side in attack and on several occasions saw further chances not taken due to a combination of gallant defending and shots sent over or wide. The game though was effectively sealed after 77 minutes when a poor clearance from defence was seized upon by shameer Farrel to run on before sending his shot into the net.
Team; ​S.Andrews, A.Garner, L.Majoyegbe ,R.Lyall, (G.Andrews) C.McCarthy J.Rogers M.Dalton (D.Baranowski) J.Beadle J.Bessey-Saldanha, E.Oluwasemo, L.Scarlat
Subs,​​R.Croucher P.Williams Khalil McFarlane