Date Added 13/12/2016


Drawn on Saturday 10th December at the Annual Christmas Party held at the Lion of Kent , Ashford Road, Bearsted.
Once more this year’s event was a very enjoyable and our thanks must go out to those of you that attended and similarly to the Lion of Kent management who made this all possible. Also once more we must give credit to ‘Mr ‘Music Man’ Steve Bailey for providing the musical entertainment throughout the evening. Not to be forgotten, a special mention must go to Pat McCarthy who was responsible not only for the evening’s arrangements, but also the running of the raffle, both of which was which has given the Club a substantial boost.
As for the raffle: To follow is a list of winners drawn on the evening: However all our thanks must go to all our players, members and indeed to all the friends of Bearsted Football Club for their excellent responses. Special thanks also must go to our junior teams who this year has been excellent in their participation. Finally, not to be forgotten are the people who donated the prizes without whom this would not have been possible.
Results: Should you be a prize winner please would you either contact your team manager or directly to Pat McCarthy on 07761 697272 or e-mail
1st Prize: Ollie Murs Tickets Raffle Ticket: 00406 - Tony Frankham (U/10’s J.Dunk)
2nd Prize: £100.00 Raffle Ticket: 00034 - Bev O`Neil (Dev. Squad CW)
3rd Prize: Golf Raffle Ticket: 00079 - Sophie Maynard (Dev. Squad CW)
4th Prize: Carvery @ Lion of Kent Raffle Ticket: 01254 - Mrs K Tinker (U/14’s T.Baptist)
5th Prize: Islay Scotch Whisky Raffle Ticket: 01430 - Casey Cook (U/15’s J.Harrison)

6th Prize: Auchentoshan Scotch Whisky Raffle Ticket: 01123 - Tony Baptiste (U/14’s T.Baptist)
7th Prize: Crown Royal Whisky Raffle Ticket: 00059 - Ian Baker (Dev. Squad TW)
8th Prize: Smirnoff Vodka Raffle Ticket: 01345 - P Highway (U/14’s T.Baptist)
9th Prize: Bols Kiwi Liqueur Raffle Ticket: 01279 - J Tuftill (U/14’s T.Baptist)
10th Prize: Bottle of Red Wine Raffle Ticket: 01035 - Ria Ward (U/12’s S.Nixon)
11th Prize: Bottle of Prosecco Raffle Ticket: 00514- - Andy Harris (U/10’s J.Dunk)
12th Prize: Bottle of Wne Shiraz Raffle Ticket: 02645 - Jeff Rogers (Ray Day)
13th Prize: Bottle of Wine Raffle Ticket: 01782 - Chris Carcary (U/18’s C.Whitfield)
14th Prize: Bottle of Wine Merlot Raffle Ticket: 00174 - Jim Beckett (U/8’s M.Beckett)
15th Prize: Bottle of Wine Pino Grigio Blush Raffle Ticket: 02533 - A Swift (Ray Day)
16th Prize: Bottle of Wine Blanc Raffle Ticket: 00649 - Pete Morris (U/11’s P.Morris)