Date Added 14/04/2017

100 Club Draw Results

We have at last been able to commence the draws for our hundred Club draw which runs throughout the whole of the season. Many apologies for delay but this season we have invited all of the Club teams to take part and as you might imagine collecting the returns has taken a bit more time than originally anticipated. That said we must thank all of you that have taken part for your kind support.
Below are the winners:
OCTOBER No. 18 S £25 MATT GARNER (First team player)
NOVEMBER No. 55 S £25 SIMON RICKWOOD (Friend of the Club)
DECEMBER No. 71 J £50 ALICE MOIR (Under 12’s team)
JANUARY No. 20 S £25 STEVE BAILEY (First team support team)
FEBRUARY No. 10 S £25 ANDY GARDNER (First team support team)
MARCH No. 110 S £25 DAVID ANTHONY (Former player)
APRIL No. 61 S £25 NICK HAYES (Supporter)

The draw will now run on from February up until April with the winner each month receiving £25 and the grand draw for £200 will take place in May at our Annual Dinner and Dance event.