Date Added 18/08/2019

Mike Anthony a Lifelong Bearsted FC Man

Sadly we received the news that a former chairman Mike
Anthony had passed away. This loss though is of particular significance to
us, as his style and stewardship played a major role in the development and
success that we have enjoyed over the past 50 years, seeing us emerging
from a village green Club into one earning great respect throughout Kent
Football. From the early 70's so Bearsted itself began to see a growth of
housing, one of which saw the arrival of a gradual influx of extremely good
players and subsequent success and ambitions becoming the envy of rival
clubs. Having said this, during this time Mike was always involved in this
momentum and indeed up until his final days that philosophy was not to
change. In addition to this Mike's perception seeing him becoming Chairman
of the Maidstone and District League and bringing a closer relationship with
Bearsted Cricket Club and also at one time Chairman of the Parish Council,
the result of which proved to have a major affect to our mutual relationships
to this day.
As time went on so the standard of competition for our first team on the
Green saw us inevitably having to move to a larger ground which also, at
the same time had to accommodate an ever expanding junior section. Once
more Mike was to have a significant interest in that. However it was 1981
that he felt it necessary that he needed a break and assumed the role of our
President who at the same time being keen to be involved in some way. Ten
years on so Mike once more took up the baton and true to form his style and
enthusiasm remained the same for another 4 years before once more
standing down.
Throughout the resultant years so we saw Mike supporting us at our games
and was always very approachable to any of our fund raising ideas that we
might suggest. However in conclusion, perhaps our finest tribute must be to
thank a man that had given us so much one of whom never had a bad word
to say about anybody.
God bless you Mike.